Jacques Pierre VINAND, Fontcouverte’s priest, born on mars 13th,  1745.

On Germinal 6th (March 26th, 1794) - The Executive County decided to empty Saintes from every recusant priest. Jacques-Pierre Vinand was deported on a boat, “Les Deux-Associés”, formerly used in the slave trade.
Living one upon another, without air or hygiene, exhausted from the lack of food, full of vermin, all those men were nice targets for epidemics, which came soon on board.
Gradually, the state of the deportees became worse, and they were landed on l’Île Madame, the “Citizen Island””, as people said.


Abbot Vinand died on September 7th, 1794. He was buried on the Island.



Jacques-Eutropius VALLEE (1843-1887),

Fontcouverte’s priest, he was ordained priest in 1867. Frail, he had to give up the parish ministry very soon. He then became a tutor in several houses in Saintonge and Paris, then a professor at the Saint-Pierre’s Institution, in Saintes.

In 1881, because of his illness, he became Fontcouverte’s pasto, a parish of 590 souls. He was the first resident pastor of the church, and first lived in the newly built presbytery.


Besides his position as pastor at the parish of Saint-Vivien, he was secretary of the Arts and Monuments Commission of Inferior-Charente, and we owe him the book, published in 1885, entiteled "The Episcopal residence and Church of Fontcouverte”.

Jacques-Eutropius Valley died on Feb. 11th, 1887 in Saintes.